Siby Mining and infrastructure is the prime blasting mats manufacturers in the country. A blasting mat is constructed of sliced-up rubber tires held together by ropes, wires, or chains. When explosives are detonated in places like quarries or building sites, blasting mats are employed. The mats are put over the blasting area to limit the explosion, reduce noise and dust, and prevent high-velocity rock shards known as fly rock from causing damage to nearby structures, persons, or the environment.

Depending on the magnitude of the blast charge, the type of mat, and the degree of protection required, mats can be utilized singly or in layers. They can be hung from cranes or affixed to structures horizontally on the ground or vertically. The mats are frequently referred to as blasting curtains when used vertically. To avail these mats from the top blasting mats manufacturers, give us a call during business hours.

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