Siby Mining and Infrastructure is the leading Blasting Tyre Mats Manufactures in India. A blasting mat is a rubber tire split up and bound together with ropes, cables, or chains. During rock blasting, they control the explosion, prevent flying boulders, and decrease dust. Blasting mats are used when explosives are detonated in areas like quarries or construction sites. The mats are placed over the blasting area to contain the explosion, minimize noise and dust, and protect adjacent structures, people, and the environment from high-velocity rock fragments known as fly rock.

Although it is difficult to avoid in practice, fly rock discharge can be decreased by precisely drilling explosives into the bedrock. These mats can be suspended from cranes or attached to buildings both horizontally and vertically on the ground. Contact us during business hours to avail blasting mats from the prime Blasting Tyre Mats Manufactures in India.

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