Siby Mining and Infrastructure is the only controlled blasting mats manufacturer with a world-class manufacturing facility in the country. Minor changes in the rock strata or structure, drill hole alignment problems, blast hole loading errors, stemming, or start delay sequencing can all cause fly rocks. Even the finest blasters won’t be able to manage all of these factors under all situations. Muffling using steel sheets, sandbags, and steel mesh to control fly rocks during blasting is highly costly and does not guarantee 100% success.

Heavy-duty blasting tire mats are used in foreign countries where total control is necessary. These items were not accessible in India and had to be imported. Siby Mining Services, which specializes in controlled blasting, has begun producing Blasting Mats in India of high quality as imported mats. Today, we manufacture durable and highly reliable controlled blasting mats with a world-class facility equipped with cutting-edge technology. To avail mats from the top controlled blasting mats manufacturer, give us a call.

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