Siby Mining and infrastructure is one of the top OB contractors in India. Since 2000, Siby Mining And Infrastructure, located in Hyderabad, has completed over 50 million cubic meters of hard-cutting excavation for various notable Building and Infrastructure projects around the country.

Overburden removal is the process of removing topsoil to expose coal seams and prepare them for mining. Coal can only be recovered in open cast mines after layers of soil, stone, and other debris have been removed. Overburden is the term for this type of soil, stone, and other materials that form layers over coal. The process of removing this load is referred to as “overburden removal” (OBR). The OBR is a critical performance metric because it exposes the coal seam for future production. During reclamation, overburden can be utilized to help restore an exhausted mining site. To avail OBR services from the prime OB contractors in India, give us a call.

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