All about Blasting/ Tyre Mats

Siby Mining Services have our own manufacturing facility for world class blasting mats. Siby Mining Services are the first and only blasting mats manufacturer in India. (Download Tyre Mats Brochure)

Make your blasting safe with specially designed Blasting Mats

Fly rocks happen due to minor changes in the rock strata or structure, error in drill hole alignment, errors in blast hole loading, stemming or initiation delay sequencing. To control all these variables under all conditions is beyond the ability of even the best blasters.

Controlling fly rocks during blasting by muffling with steel sheets, sand bags and steel mesh are very expensive and also won’t give hundred percent results.

In foreign countries where absolute controlled blasting is required they use heavy duty blasting tyre mats. These were not available in India and used to be imported from outside.

Siby Mining Services, experts in controlled blasting technique, have started manufacturing   Blasting Mats  in India which are of the same quality of Imported mats.


Every Mats are being made of radial tyre pieces to ensure more durability and weight.The size presently available is 9 X 5 Feet. Every Mat weigh approximately 1.1 MT. Rings are provided at both the ends for handling using excavator. Siby Mining Services are using only new steel cables and forged clips to ensure long durability.

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Our Blasting Mats are More Economical & Absolute Safe

More Safe: Proper placement of mats ensures nil fly rocks

Fast: Blasting patch can be made ready very fast as there is no manual placement of steel sheets and sand bags.

Economical: Recurring cost of sand bags and huge number of labor for handling sand bags are avoided. The total cost of Mats can be recovered in few months. More blasts per day ensures more productivity per day.

Heavy Duty Blasting Mats Available Sizes

We have introduced big size blasting mats (11′ X 7′) for special applications. These can be manufactured on special request

  • 1. 9′ X 5′
  • 2. 11′ X 7′
Blasting Mats
Width 5' 6'' X Length 9' 6''
Tyre mats 005
Width 5' 6'' X Length 9' 6''
Controlled blasting mats manufacturer
Width 7' 6'' X Length 11' 0''
Tyre Mats 003
Width 7' 6'' X Length 11' 0''