Controlled Blasting and Excavation Services

Siby Mining Services and Excavation services is primarily a group of Mining Engineers having expertise in undertaking drilling and controlled blasting operations. Siby mining conduct controlled blasting with the help of latest technology products like non-electric/shock tubes, Blasting Mats, emulsion explosives etc.

We are Ex employees of ICI Explosives the world leaders in explosives and blasting technology. Presently Siby mining are undertaking Controlled Blasting and excavation contracts for various construction Service companies and national Highway projects all over India. In last Ten Years we have excavated more than sixteen million cu meters of hard rock.

Vibration Analysis

We conduct vibration analysis during blasting and design blasting patterns accordingly to ensure absolute safe blasting methods.

Technical Manpower

We are having sufficient number of construction service, Mining Engineers, Mechanical Engineers and Civil Engineers in various positions (General Managers, Project Managers and Site Engineers) to take up and execute excavation contracts of any size.

Machinery for Excavation Services and road Job

We are having a large fleet of machinery like Excavators, Dumpers, Dozers, Compactors, Road Graders and Drill Machines