Siby Mining Lukose receives award from G. Kishan Reddy Minister of State

Nuclear Power Plant in Kota, Rajasthan, Hyderabad Metro, Five star Hotels in Hyderabad, Power plants in Madhya Pradesh, National Highways in Orissa and ORR in Hyderabad. The common factor in all of these is the contribution of “Siby Mining and Infrastructure” a company based in Hyderabad, responsible for the construction of all the above. In last 19 years Siby Mining has completed some of the toughest excavation contract jobs in India which involves controlled blasting and is considered the best controlled blasting contracting company in India today.

Second year in a row Siby Mining and Infra is nominated for the award for the Best Excavation Services company.

The city of Hyderabad is situated on a rocky plateau where boulders and rocks abound. We often wonder how our city is being constructed on this rocky terrain. How are they cut and removed to make foundations and cellar parking spaces in all our malls, IT parks and hotels etc ?

We are all proud of the Metro in Hyderabad. Do you know that in reality blasting operations were carried out in order to excavate foundations for all those colossal pillars in the middle of the road?

How it is done?

  • Absolute controlled blasting methods with zero flying rocks and minimum vibrations are used for conducting these blasting operations.

There is a company which is active in the field of controlled blasting since past 18 years and associated with many of our famous land mark structures and projects in Hyderabad with no complaints and a track record of hundred percent safe operations!!

Siby M Lukose is a Mining Engineer by profession who quit a plush MNC job and started “SIBY Mining Services Private Limited” in 2000.

Siby Mining also owns a factory to manufacture specially designed heavy duty blasting mats which are used in absolute controlled blasting used all over India for all major infrastructure projects.
Some of the toughest controlled blasting jobs in India are done by engineers from Siby Mining, considered to be the best among absolute controlled blasting techniques in India.

“Blasting Mats were not available in India when we started the company in 2000. We used to import blasting mats from US which were very expensive on that time” In an interview to Times of India , Mr Siby M Lukose , Chairman and Managing Director said .

Before starting this company , Mr Siby was working with Explosives division of M/s ICI , who are the world’s largest explosive manufacturer and leader in blasting technology . Now ICI’s explosives business is known as M/s Orica.

“When ICI explosives posted me Sales Manager ( South) in Hyderabad , city was growing with lot of IT parks, Hotels, Roads and other activities. All this development was happening in Hi tech city area which is full of rocks and uneven terrain.

Luckily L&T’s main contractor approached me for controlled blasting advice. Seeing the big potential, I quit my job and started “Siby Mining Services” as a specialist company for undertaking controlled blasting contracts. Between 2001 – 2010 we successfully completed controlled blasting contracts for Hi-tech City Phase II and III, TCS IT park, Mindspace, IT park and many more premium construction sites.

In 2003 we started a “Blasting Mats Manufacturing Unit” for manufacturing specialized controlled blasting mats which are used for conducting controlled blasting. Now about 60 skilled people work in the plant and our mats are used all over India by all major construction and infrastructure companies.”

The toughest job they executed was the blasting operation for M/S HCC for constructing a Nuclear Power Plant near an existing nuclear power plant. An entire area of fifteen acres (full of sheet rocks) was dug up to 20 meters below the ground. They completed the blasting and excavation job before scheduled time.

“Blasting was done as close as 15 meters to the existing nuclear power plant with zero fly rocks and minimum vibration. Before awarding the work to us the HCC team visited our site at Hyderabad and witnessed controlled blasting operations.

Another tough assignment for us was the Hyderabad Metro. Conducting controlled blasting in the middle of the road was really challenging.

Expansion Plans – first trial blasts in Coal India

Knowing well that the expertise Siby Mining have is highly useful in coal mining, siby mining recently offered M/S Eastern Coal Fields Limited to conduct controlled blasting in their mines where lot of coal is left unmined due to the proximity of villages. Now Siby Mining got the order from ECL and will be conducting the first trial blasts in the first week of October 2019.

MOU with M/S Orica
Siby Mining have signed a MOU with M/S Orica to work together in March 2019.

“Collaboration with Indian Explosives Pvt Ltd (IEPL):- IEPL is a fully owned subsidiary of Orica, the world leader in blasting technologies and the largest manufacturer of commercial explosives across the globe. We (Siby Mining) are channel partners for IEPL, collaborating and working together to bring these world class technologies and blasting expertise to surface or underground mining and infrastructure projects across India.

Siby Mining is in the process of listing the company in SME exchange by November 2019.